Anabelle is a health

conscious trainer

Provides resistance through a system of springs and pulleys and a carriage that moves as the person exercise a range of Pilates movements. The results are longer and leaner muscles...

This unique piece of equipment is very versatile and effective. Almost every muscle group can be isolated, so it is an excellent tool for breaking down the motions into essential...

The Chair is a box composed of a padded top and a pedal that controls the spring resistance and that can be split into two independent pedals...

With a shape of a half barrel and a ladder, it facilitates Pilates exercises that improve posture, core strength, legs and arms tone, reducing back pain and posture...


As a fitness instructor I believe that my mission is to :

  • Maintain or restore the mobility of the client in a safe manner.
  • Return the functionality of daily living and normal sports activities.
  • Assess and correct any imbalance of the joints to avoid injuries.
  • Identify faulty movement patterns.
"Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you." ~ Marsha Norman


AnaPilates is a fully equipped Stott Pilates Studio directed by Anabelle Freer-Marqua. She has gone through rigorous training hours and is certified by Stott Pilates. Haven taken private sessions with world class instructors such as John Gary, PJ O’Clare, Mathew Comer, Stephanie Crank, to mention just a few and she continues to advance her knowledge by participating continuously in workshops, like FAMI (Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries) held at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY; Injuries and Special Population, and IDEA seminars in the matter.

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